Construction Supply Network

The construction supply network is a group of organizations working together for a common goal (contractors, subcontractors and suppliers). It is made up of an internal network to the project site and an external one. It can be defined as a set of microgrids that satisfy different work packages of a project.

The results of the projects are fully associated with the performance of the CSN. From GENpredictive we offer the following services: survey, diagnosis and descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analysis of the CSN. The objective is to achieve CSN Governance through design or adaptation to it.

We support the design and implementation of innovative CSN solutions that better align resources with organizational goals, reduce unproductive complexity, increase investment in strategic goals while eliminating non-value-adding costs and streamlining budgets and resources at stake. . In addition to mitigating risk and achieving sustainability. The effective Governance of the CSN provides a clear competitive advantage to the organization.