Increase Business Profitability with: TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION


Technological and environmental changes produce the modification, worldwide, of the traditional paradigms of the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) Industry. The needs of the Clients demand an adaptation. In response, GENPREDICTIVE is formed as a collaborative NETWORK that offers: implementation of innovative solutions, throughout the AEC industry Value Chain, through a Knowledge-Based Service.

Benefits in projects :

  • Less investment
  • Less execution time
  • Cost optimization
  • Project reliability
  • Preconstruction
  • Security
  • Sustainability


At GENpredictive we believe that in order to obtain a virtuous circle of synergy and excellence, links that generate trust and create collaborative relationships are necessary. We promote sustainable relationships with clients that allow the collaborative evolution of the formed networks, within a framework of equity, providing innovative solutions..

Our talent is based on values such as: honesty, attitude, knowledge, ability and commitment, in search of an organizational culture where its members find fulfillment and meaning.