GENpredictive offers a set of solutions adapted to the needs of the client. In B2B businesses it is essential to build relationships of trust to achieve optimal solutions. We can collaborate in the following aspects:

Off-site construction

Construction Supply Network

Construction 4.0


GENpredictive solutions are based on four fundamental pillars:

  • Technology: is the coordinated application of a set of knowledge and skills in order to create a solution that allows human beings to satisfy their needs or solve their problems.
  • Innovation: (OSLO Manual) is the conception and implementation of significant changes in the company’s product, process, marketing or organization with the purpose of improving results in a new market.
  • Intelligence: (Howard Gardner) the ability to solve problems, or to produce products (goods or services) that are of great value for a given community or cultural context.
  • Applied Research: (OECD) consists of original work carried out to acquire new knowledge and is directed towards a specific practical objective.